The 4 things in my closet that I could never get rid

Warmer weather has finally convinced me it was time to implement the sweatshirts winter and out my summer clothes. Working in my closet is not a job that I love, probably because I’m a sentimental fool. Each season, I go through each piece of clothing and wonder if it’s a keeper or if I should give it. After all, if you’ve worn something for a year or two it is time to get out of your closet. Over the years, I got better to give things, but I always have trouble. Our children were in high school before I am able to get rid of their baby clothes.

High class grabber

I heard my teenage nephew call my sister-in-law a “hoarder of high class. I asked him what he meant, and he said every Saturday, his mother goes to yard sales in the districts of nice and brings ‘promos’ House that she just can’t live without. I had a small laugh which and the word “collector” made me think of my grandmother.If you have ever known someone who has experienced the great depression, you will understand why my grandmother kept the packaging out of Christmas presents, he carefully folded and stuck it in a drawer to use next year. She also kept all remnants of food that was eaten at every meal. It did not matter if it was two bites of beans, he went in an empty margarine tub and in the refrigerator. Being does not able to get rid of stuff is maybe just a genetic trait I inherited, I do not know. What I know for sure, is that there are four things in my closet that I never give away.

Grandma Blue Flannel bath robe

My grandmother was an amazing woman. When she married my grandfather, they moved in a small closed White House with his mother, I called my. My was wheelchair bound and my grandparents had at its rising from the bed to her wheelchair to the toilet, then again. It must have been difficult to be a caregiver full time and a new wife.Grandma took care of my until the death of Ma at the age of 96. At the death of my grandmother had three babies bore in the little White House and raised to adulthood, in addition to everything else she has done.

Farm life was so much that it is now. My grandparents had a few cows and lots of chickens. They grew a large garden which hoed and kept weeded. After the moment of harvesting vegetables grandmother canned and kept them in the cellar where it was cool.